Tableau Formatting: Removing Decimal Places

Suppose you are visualizing units sold for a business.  Then you probably do not need decimal places.  Go to this thread to change the units shown.

  1. Right click on the measure in the data window
  2. Selecting Default Properties
  3. Number Format
  4. Number (Custom)
  5. Choose the the desired number of decimal places

In general is a great resource to learn how to use their visualization tool, and learn about local events.

Free Tableau 10 Essential Training in Under 5 Hours

I am taking this course on, Tableau 10 Essential Training:

If you are a Seattle resident, you can use the Seattle Public Library (SPL) for free acces access:

In under 5 hours, familiarize yourself with the Tableau interface.  For example, I am more familiar with Microsoft’s Power BI, so this is extremely valuable way to quickly ramp up on a comparative product.


Setup Tableau Extract for Your Workbook

You may have inherited a Tableau Workbook, with a mystery location for the extract, or the past admins’ local machine!

Go ahead and use this knowledge base article to remove, and regenerate the extract:

If you happen to be sharing your extracts on a network drive, then use UNC path format as shown in this knowledge base article:

As I learned recently, an extract is useful as it avoids using a live connection to your database, and allows you and your business customers to have better Workbook loading performance.

Set a schedule for your extract and then it will refresh just in time for your users on the schedule you set!

A nice Tableau article below on Performance tuning your workbooks: