Learning Amazon Alexa Skills Kit from Coding Dojo

This is the landing page for the Amazon Alexa Skills Kit: https://developer.amazon.com/alexa-skills-kit.

Do you have a Skill start-up idea, take a look at the above link to get started.

Go here to learn via video: https://developer.amazon.com/alexa-skills-kit/alexa-skills-developer-training

I started watching the Youtube Videos provided by Coding Dojo: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpk9OBdrvHbVh8COAlJ8SpyDWY_SAw_RP

Digital Transformation Disrupts Auto Part Retailers

For those that order car parts for example, changing your oil, this article by MSN Autos is informative.


I presently order my engine oil from Walmart (free shipping or specified order price, low price), and I order by parts from Amazon.com.

If I am in a super rush, I might drive down to Oreilly Auto Parts for an emergency part, or for recycling of used motor oil.

I am witnessing this disruption – it is real.  Amazon supply chain and delivery is a great customer experience for commercial customers, and do-it-yourselfers who do their own repair and maintenance.


What we can learn from Amazon around AI and the jobs of the future

What we can learn from Amazon around AI and the jobs of the future:


Some key insights as highlighted in the article by Tim O’Reilly:

  1. Amazon reminds us again and again that it isn’t technology that eliminates jobs, it is the short-sighted business decisions that use technology simply to cut costs and fatten corporate profits.
  2. As logistics and delivery become more automated, and costs continue to fall, what other kinds of services might be completely rethought, putting people to work delighting each other with currently unimaginable products or levels of service?
  3. As long as we use the productivity gains from technology to create value for society, and ensure that value is widely shared so that customers are able to afford the cornucopia of goods on offer, we will find new ways to put people to work.

I really love the idea where the author talks about imagining if the healthcare experience for patients and families is as delightful as the experience of the consumer engaging with the Amazon.com site.  Healthcare could use machines and AI to increase efficiency, so that health care workers can spend more time providing quality patient care.