Setup Tableau Extract for Your Workbook

You may have inherited a Tableau Workbook, with a mystery location for the extract, or the past admins’ local machine!

Go ahead and use this knowledge base article to remove, and regenerate the extract:

If you happen to be sharing your extracts on a network drive, then use UNC path format as shown in this knowledge base article:

As I learned recently, an extract is useful as it avoids using a live connection to your database, and allows you and your business customers to have better Workbook loading performance.

Set a schedule for your extract and then it will refresh just in time for your users on the schedule you set!

A nice Tableau article below on Performance tuning your workbooks:

HBS Article: T-Mobile CEO on Winning Market Share

A great article by Harvard Business Review from earlier this year on T-Mobile winning market share:

Some highlights of insights I learned, followed by quotes from John Legere:

  1. John asks ‘why’ multiple times to understand more of the issue, and frequently does this to change up an existing policy.  “When I see something I disagree with, I ask why, and when I hear the answer, I ask why again. It’s a leadership technique you can learn from a five-year-old.”
  2. A mature and saturated market means you are taking away customers from your rivals/competition in order to gain market share.  Jon: “Especially in a saturated market—where one company’s market share gains must come largely at a competitor’s expense—I try to find and exploit our rivals’ weaknesses.”
  3. Customers and public expect a different type of interaction with todays’ CEO: “Public attitudes have shifted about the rhetoric and candor we want and expect from leaders—fortunately, more toward my approach.”
  4. “Every good narrative has a villain, and we picked ours early on: AT&T” – pick a target to tell a good story.  Strategic ads comparing features, allowed them to focus their marketing efforts, and chip away a the competition.
  5. Use Social Media to drive your business: “Today I have more than 3 million followers, and because many of them are famous people (including Oprah), I have enormous reach via retweets. We did an analysis of this, and it’s not unusual for one of my tweets to get 150 million impressions. This is no game. It’s a way of driving my business.”

Here is a link to an HBS 2013 case study – I will have to look this up via the business school library:

What do you think of Uncarrier?  Which cell phone service do you use and why?

Digital Transformation Disrupts Auto Part Retailers

For those that order car parts for example, changing your oil, this article by MSN Autos is informative.

I presently order my engine oil from Walmart (free shipping or specified order price, low price), and I order by parts from

If I am in a super rush, I might drive down to Oreilly Auto Parts for an emergency part, or for recycling of used motor oil.

I am witnessing this disruption – it is real.  Amazon supply chain and delivery is a great customer experience for commercial customers, and do-it-yourselfers who do their own repair and maintenance.