Free Tableau 10 Essential Training in Under 5 Hours

I am taking this course on, Tableau 10 Essential Training:

If you are a Seattle resident, you can use the Seattle Public Library (SPL) for free acces access:

In under 5 hours, familiarize yourself with the Tableau interface.  For example, I am more familiar with Microsoft’s Power BI, so this is extremely valuable way to quickly ramp up on a comparative product.


Setup Tableau Extract for Your Workbook

You may have inherited a Tableau Workbook, with a mystery location for the extract, or the past admins’ local machine!

Go ahead and use this knowledge base article to remove, and regenerate the extract:

If you happen to be sharing your extracts on a network drive, then use UNC path format as shown in this knowledge base article:

As I learned recently, an extract is useful as it avoids using a live connection to your database, and allows you and your business customers to have better Workbook loading performance.

Set a schedule for your extract and then it will refresh just in time for your users on the schedule you set!

A nice Tableau article below on Performance tuning your workbooks:

HBS Article: T-Mobile CEO on Winning Market Share

A great article by Harvard Business Review from earlier this year on T-Mobile winning market share:

Some highlights of insights I learned, followed by quotes from John Legere:

  1. John asks ‘why’ multiple times to understand more of the issue, and frequently does this to change up an existing policy.  “When I see something I disagree with, I ask why, and when I hear the answer, I ask why again. It’s a leadership technique you can learn from a five-year-old.”
  2. A mature and saturated market means you are taking away customers from your rivals/competition in order to gain market share.  Jon: “Especially in a saturated market—where one company’s market share gains must come largely at a competitor’s expense—I try to find and exploit our rivals’ weaknesses.”
  3. Customers and public expect a different type of interaction with todays’ CEO: “Public attitudes have shifted about the rhetoric and candor we want and expect from leaders—fortunately, more toward my approach.”
  4. “Every good narrative has a villain, and we picked ours early on: AT&T” – pick a target to tell a good story.  Strategic ads comparing features, allowed them to focus their marketing efforts, and chip away a the competition.
  5. Use Social Media to drive your business: “Today I have more than 3 million followers, and because many of them are famous people (including Oprah), I have enormous reach via retweets. We did an analysis of this, and it’s not unusual for one of my tweets to get 150 million impressions. This is no game. It’s a way of driving my business.”

Here is a link to an HBS 2013 case study – I will have to look this up via the business school library:

What do you think of Uncarrier?  Which cell phone service do you use and why?