Getting More Views and Traffic on Your WordPress Site

I have had my site on for about 3 months.  During that time my stats look pretty abysmal, but somehow I am getting visitors!

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 3.16.27 PM
My Site Stats via MonsterInsights on WordPress

Part of the reason, I have mainly been promoting my posts only on Twitter.  However, I should consider where does my target audience consumer their contact, and how can I reach them in an effective way.

WordPress, has a pretty good intro on getting more views:

Here is a summary of the article:

  1. Post of more social networks
  2. Make your blog content visible for indexing by search engines
  3. Promote small by starting with informing friends, and family
  4. Use appropriate tags and categories
  5. Read and comment on other blogs relevant to your content
  6. Write regularly.  Now I am trying to write posts and schedule them for Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  7. DailyPost, a  Wordpress page to help you with your writing:
  8. Learn from the experts with WordPress’ Blogging University:

Create content, learn, and enjoy the journey.

What has been effective for driving traffic to your website?

Microsoft Transact SQL Reference


sql azure

Microsoft TSQL Reference Online:

A little more official than just random search on web and stackoverflow.

Reminder to self on select usage in SQL:

  1. SELECT statements are written with the following clauses: SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING, ORDER BY.
  2. The query engine processes the clauses in this order: FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING, SELECT, ORDER BY.


Conversion Functions (cast, convert, parse):

Working with NULL:


I am doing an Edx & Microsft refresher on SQL here, so come join me in the learning journey:

I figure this is a good idea, as I learned most of my SQL via trial and error on a work project.

Course Source Code on Github:

Fast WordPress Hosting Services

I finally decided to check off an item on my to do list, which is setting up a website and blog to gain experience with analytics, inbound marketing, and monetization.

This has been put off for way too long.  In the past, I have used for domain acquisition and for WordPress hosting.

Here is an article from WPSitecare which I wish I read before paying with my credit card!

WordPress hosting speed matters:

  1. As an admin, content creation should not be slow and annoying when working on the site.
  2. Pages should load quickly otherwise the reader will go away and never come back!
  3. Consider customer support and online reviews in your selection criteria.

A simple websearch on the ‘host + wordpress slow’ will give you a good indication of reviews.

Unfortunately, I picked my provider by price, and because I received a referral discount.   To summarize, I leaned towards taking action, and just picking the easiest and quickest path.

At a later point I will re-evaluate.  This is a new site, so I have some time to learn and get a sense of true performance requirements.  After all, there is no point getting an off-road vehicle for a trip to the mall!