What’s New With Power BI Community?!

Miguel from the Microsoft PowerBI team came to Revel Consulting to give a talk on what’s new with Power BI.

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I learned some new features, and some great visualizations, which I can write about later.

He also gave us a link to the On Demand Sessions for the Microsoft Data Insights Summit:



Transact SQL Filtering and Using Predicates

Reminder on SQL Filtering and Predicates.  I use this to help myself remember syntax when first writing scripts.  After I have written the scripts, I save them for later to modify.

Search Condition:


Transact SQL where:


Power BI June Feature Summary

June release for Power BI Desktop:


Interesting features at a scan:

  1. Data bars for new table & matrix view.  This makes a table/matrix easier to read.  More visual.
  2. Amazon Redshift connector

Watch the video

Read their blog:


I really like that they have such frequent updates to the desktop and online service!

Another video on Data Visualization Design Discussion Lab, get inspired to create useful visuals for your team: