Simulate Histogram of Company Profits

Microsoft EdX Course on Data Science Essentials, around Simulation of Customer profits, given formulas and estimates for Number of Customers, Profits Per Cup, and Tips!

Imagine how you can scale that up from a Coffee/Lemonade stand business to a major corporation!

These are great summary notes in case you need a refresher on basics around distributions, hypothesis, types of tests (Single Sample T and Z Tests, Two Sample Tests), and confidence intervals:

Cleaning an example data set:

LinkedIn’s 2017 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report

My key findings from Linkedin Jobs Report:

  1. Low supply of talent for top jobs
  2. Tech skills are at the top, with machine learning engineer, data scientist, and big data engineers rank among the top emerging jobs
  3. Skills and the types of jobs are changing rapidly, where 65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately hold jobs that don’t yet exist


Fascinating China Social Credit Read

Fascinating read on how china is using machine learning, big data from private and government data sets to develop a credit score to create carrots and sticks to push the population in a particular direction.

  1. Similar to the USA, a review system would be helpful to allow those to contest inaccuracies in the financial or social credit system
  2. I would be concerned if one’s credit is related to one’s relationships
  3. Cheap computing, and technology to gather and process large data sets makes this possible
  4. China is correct by ensuring that this monitoring is not in the control of a couple of corporations, on the other hand this is a concern that the government has access to this information.
  5. Amazing out Alipay, and mobile apps payment is so prevalent compared to the USA