Two New Tracks of the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP)

Capture MPP Landing Page

Two great tracks on Edx by Microsoft around Big Data, and Front End Development.  I am taking the front end development course during my on-bench training time, along with the Data Science track.

Edx Microsoft courses are free to audit, and cost about $99 to obtain a certificate.

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Great things about, Microsoft classes I have taken:

  1. Self service education – learn on your own schedule, and on your own time.
  2. Great user interface –  easy to navigate, with subtitles, and nice collaboration with other expert sites.  Meaning if a company teaches the material better, then they partner with them and provide you with a free login!  ie. DataCamp:
  3. No commute – the downside is your primary interaction is in the discussion groups.  However the speakers are really engaging.