Financial Blogs I Enjoy Reading

  1. – Pete lives in Colorado, writes about biking, DIY projects, frugality, and early retirement after about 10 years of working.  He has done really well for himself after retirement, and most importantly made the decision to retire to spend time raising his kid.
  2. – This guy retired at 33!  Lives in the east, and does a pretty good job outlining monthly expenses for your inspiration, and clever ways to live the good life while cooking at home, taking cool vacations, and hanging out with his kids.  He hit $2M recently!
  3. – They saved up from living in Boston, and bought a piece of large land, and an awesome farm house.  Updates regularly, great pictures of their hound, baby daughter, and life on the ranch in New England.  She has great tips on saving money, while making reasonable tradeoffs.
  4. – Jeremy used to work at Microsoft in Seattle, between him and his wife, saved up enough to retire, and travel the world with their kid.  Their home base is in Taipei.  They do a great job talking about travel and credit card hacking, and ways to maximize their travel dollar.  He really monetizes his site well.

These I read occasionally, not because they are bad, but because I have forgotten, and the above keep me busy enough.

  1. – Older guy with folksy wisdom on early retirement.  Has some good articles on indexing and investments.
  2. – Canadian couple, with blog that talks about their financial revolution.  They have good travel posts, and investment hack posts.  She has a nice potty mouth.
  3. – has a blog and podcast.  Talks about his getting to early retirement.  He has some helpful tools on reaching financial independence.

Happy Reading.  Did I miss your favorite?

Publish Adobe Analytics to PowerBI

Here is a how-to publish Adobe Analytics Marketing Data for your site to Power BI:

Learn about Adobe Report Builder here:

Installation Instructions:

Origins of Linkedin Pulse + 4 Lessons

I was on Linkedin randomly today, and saw a young man, Akshay Kothari, who happened to be Linkedin country manager for India.  I wondered how a young person could reach such an accomplished role.

What I found on his profile was an article from Stanford Engineer on the origins of Pulse.

Here is what I learned from reading:

  1. A persons background and profile can be a point of inspiration, so take some time to read through profiles and learn from the success of others
  2. Pulse was started at a unique time, the iPad had just launched – when coming up with an idea, look for new platforms or ecosystems, where there are yet to be entrenched big competitors
  3. Design and Customer Feedback – Iterate on customer feedback, and focus on design that is useful to your customer
  4. Reminder: there are some great courses that come from the Stanford ecosystem, look for them.

Akshay had a great quote towards the end:

“When you’re at Stanford, there is an expectation you have to start a company,” he said, “because everyone else is doing it, but it’s not necessary. I think being in control of your life is key. Whether you want to play the ukulele or go to Rwanda, it’s important to use your time well, to have a lot of experiences and meet new people – to take your life very literally.”