Remove GE Microwave, Install Costco Ancona Range Hood


Ancona Range Hoods on Amazon

I decided to replace the Over-stove GE Microwave Oven, with a dedicated range hood. I think the reason this took so long is because there are so many options to search online. I started out wanting a Broan range hood, however the price was in the $600+ range, additionally my options are more limited as the venting at our home is horizontal through the wall, rather than a vertical outlet.

This is medium complexity, and you can do the work in a a few hours, but it is best to start earlier in the weekend so you have time to work through any installation hiccups so you can have the use of your stove during the week.

In this post I will walk you through things to consider in hood range selection, the hood range model I chose, the tools I used, and YouTube and Internet video resources.

Here are five items to consider during your upgrade to a range hood:

  1. Venting – Determine if you current fan vents vertically, or horizontally, and what is the shape of the vent? Some range hoods which you buy do not not have multiple options, so look at the installation manual they usually post online.
  2. Width, Height, Depth – Determine the required safety distance height from your stove. Additionally, you need to make sure the model fits the width of your install location. I have a 30″ width allocated, and was looking for 24″ vertical clearance from the stove.
  3. Performance – Next, determine how many CFM (cubic feet per minute) you need for your cooking application. From what I read online, I decided a minimum of 400CFM, and if possible a fan that provided 600CFM or higher.  Online stores make it really difficult to filter by CFM, with Home Depot slightly better than Lowes.
  4. Price – Price shop around, I looked at Home Depot,, and Costco.  I was supposed to look at Albert Lee Appliances, but they did not post any pricing online, meaning I have to call in.
  5. Check the supplied power, is your outlet direct wired, or a plug-in outlet?

In the end I decided on ordering from Costco Online. I do this for several reasons:

  1. Good compromise of price and quality
  2. Costco has a great return policy, just bring it back to the store
  3. Purchase with their membership card, and you get an additional year warranty

I chose the Ancona UC7630 Range Hood:

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 12.41.01 PM

You can also find Ancona products on Amazon.

Ancona Range Hoods on Amazon

  1. Vents horizontally. There are also options to a vertical rectangular vent, or circular vent, just punch out the metal pieces!
  2. 700 CFM – hopefully this captures alot of the oil from frying and cooking
  3. LED Lighting
  4. I wanted to choose another model that had baffles, rather than mesh screens, however the baffle model has vertical venting only. Nice article by AKDY on Baffle versus mesh.
  5. Price $379.99.

Here are the tools I used to get started:

  1. Power Drill and the associated drill bits, and tools
  2. Silver Tape specific for sealing ducts and vents. I would not recommend off-the-shelf duct tape
  3. 3 Prong Plug – make sure to pick a plug that matches your range hood current Amps spec
  4. 2 Wood boards to protect your stove, your range hood, and assist with removing the microwave
  5. towels to protect your stove panel from getting scratched
  6. Blue tape to tape edges to avoid scratching your new range hood
  7. Car jack to assist with removing and installing
  8. Milk crate to use with the car jack to help with the height
  9. Youtube – watch videos to understand how to do this, and modify steps to my application
  10. Manuals – I googled the old Microwave manual to understand the location of the vent, and how it was secured to the cabinet and wall
  11. Spare electrical wire, electrical nuts, and electric tape

Installation Walk Through with Photos and Interpretation:

Tested the hood range fan and lights before installing.  Read the entire installation guide. Use the guide to figure out how to adjust the vents, and to select the right 3-prong plug


Remove the microwave by installing the car jack to secure the microwave, and unscrewing the security bolts. Slowly lower the jack and grab hold of the microwave

Remove the microwave mounting plate, and apply silver tape to the existing vent to ensure minimal leakage

After you have taped up the new hood range with painters tape, use the car jack, with a board, to lift the hood into place. In this case I use a board in the other direction, because I need to leave space for me to install the security screws.

Secure the hood range with the security screws to the underside of the cabinet. In this case there are 6 screws. Then use the silver tape to tape and cover any gaps between the hood range and the vent opening of the wall. I did not use the supplied adaptor for the hood range, as it would not fit with the current wall vent location. Tape works great

Wire up the electrical to the 3-prong outlet using the electrical wire, nuts, and electric tap. Plug in, and check the hood range works. Applied painters tape to the location where the screws punch through the cabinet, and applied silver tape over previous holes to minimize stray airflow

Final result is here. Next step is to fix the backsplash with either a similar stone, tile pattern or stainless steel.

Handy 3 Prong Plug Wiring Diagram:

Handy Youtube Videos: Remove Microwave

Install Range Hood

Using a jack, and protecting your stove top

Movie Industry Disruption by MoviePass

Wired magazine has a great article talking about disruption of the movie theatre industry by MoviePass.

First, we know that going to the movie theatre sucks:

  1. Price of tickets is pricey then add on top of that parking, baby-sitter costs, and dinner out
  2. Online transaction fees provide limited value to the customer, who wants to pay those, and what enhancements does it provide?  Is reserved seating forth x% more?
  3. Concessions and snacks are expensive
  4. Most theaters have crappy seating, too close, dirty, and you have to stand up when folks come in late

Fortunately, these days you can book your seats online, some theaters have better recliner seating, and you can go for the early weekend matinee pricing.  For example check out AMC in Factoria if you are in Seattle:

MoviePass operates a very interesting business model

  1. Movie Subscription Service, catch the latest movies, at any theater for only $9.95 per month with no commitment
  2. Customers get a better pricing, and they try out more movies, and pay for more in concessions, according to the article: “customers are spending on average $13 on popcorn and soda, which is more than double the norm, because they’re not shelling out money for their ticket”
  3. MoviePass pays theaters full price for each ticket, whether a member visits once or 31 times a month – get your business partner hooked on these new customers then disrupt the flow of those customers
  4. Their business challenge: “the company needs to show that it can directly influence subscriber behavior through marketing maneuvers, whether in-app or through email and social media”
  5. “While 3 percent of all domestic box office gets purchased through MoviePass, the number jumps to 10 percent when MoviePass pushes a product, according to the company’s own tracking”
  6. Independents like this product, where “an incremental box-office uptick can turn a breakeven investment into a success”
  7. Grab a piece of the downstream revenue by acting as a film distributor via MoviePass Ventures: “As a distributor, MoviePass can offer filmmakers something the deep-pocketed streamers often can’t or don’t: A commitment to the big-screen experience, and the potential to maximize the number of people who see it there”

subscription service represents 62 percent of AMC’s operating income, and argued that the theater chain should share concession revenue—or continue to lose potential business. “We already know in past testing that MoviePass subscribers are not theater-loyal,” says Farnswroth. “They’re happy to drive by a theater that may be closer to a theater that will accept MoviePass -because of the MoviePass value.”

I see this as an iTunes like disruption of the music industry, but this time with the movie industry, with 3rd party apps and services steering customers and adding value to the traditional purchase path


Adding Simple Payments to WordPress

Pretty awesome way to simply monitize your website using WordPress connection to Paypal: